What Color Running Shoes Should I Get? What to avoid?

As a runner, you must know the importance of finding the right shoe. But have you ever given a thought to how the color of shoes may affect how you feel or even how people perceive you?

Here we’ll discuss all the factors that will help you get the shoe color for your personality.

So the question remains “what color running shoe should you get? The simple and most logical answer is to choose the one that seems right to you. 

While some may say that wearing a particular color will enhance your mood or performance. The truth is that picking the ideal shoe color largely depends on personal opinion. However, if you’re looking for advice on how color affects psychological behavior then keep reading!

Your shoe color can also influence how others see you. Brightly colored shoes are viewed as lively and energizing. While black shoes are frequently associated with authority and professionalism. 

You might be questioning why you should trust our advice at this time. You’re here because our research is supported by both empirical data from seasoned runners and data from scientific research. 

Are you interested in finding out more on which color suits your personality? Read the details below!

What Color can make us feel better?

what color running shoes should i get

What color can lift our spirits, you ask? The answer is, “All of them,” of course! 

Different colors can have a favourable effect on our mood and emotions, according to psychological research. 

For instance, while green might encourage a sense of quiet and relaxation. Yellow is believed to increase happiness and energy levels. 

Blue is linked to calmness and serenity. Whereas red can heighten feelings of fervour and energy. There is a color out there that can assist lift your spirits and make you feel better, regardless of how you are feeling. Whether you are feeling blue, seeing red, or green with envy.

Best Color for running Shoes

Do your current shoes make you blend in with the crowd and are you sick of them? It’s time to spice up your shoe collection and inject some color into your outfit!

But which shade makes you feel better? Ultimately, it all depends on your preferences and personal style.

You can’t go wrong with a pair of red shoes if you like to dress brashly and noticeably. Red is a statement-making running shoes color that oozes confidence and vitality. Also, it goes nicely with many different outfits and may give a playful, fun touch to any look.

Navy blue or grey shoes are also fantastic choices for people who favor a more understated look. These hues are classic and adaptable, making them a wise purchase for any outfit. They can give your outfit a dash of sophistication and class without being overly flashy.

The color that makes you feel confident and at ease is ultimately the ideal choice for you. There’s always a shoe color that can improve your shoe hand and leave a lasting impression. Whether you want loud and bold or classic and neutral.

What color of the shoe should you choose when running outdoors at night?

What Color Running Shoes Should I Get

Safety should always come first when running outside at night. Because of this, it’s crucial to select a running shoe that stands out and is extremely noticeable in low light. 

Your best option for guaranteeing optimum visibility is to wear bright, fluorescent colors. Green, yellow, pink or orange fluorescent colors are all excellent choices that will make you stand out on the road. These hues reflect light well and can make it easier for others to notice from a distance.

Another choice is to go with the ones that are reflective. Reflective elements on the sides or heels of running shoes can improve your visibility. They also reflect light from the coming traffic’s headlights or nearby lamps. Thus, increasing your visibility to drivers. 

Running in the dark might be risky, so you should take all reasonable safety measures. By wearing such shoes you can run with a peaceful mind. Since you’re doing every possible thing to stay visible and safe. 

Are White Running Shoes a bad idea?

White running shoes may appear slick and fashionable. But they might be a difficult choice in terms of upkeep and durability. Before purchasing a pair of white running shoes, think about the following factors: 

  • Cleaning: It is important to keep white shoes looking clean because they tend to reveal dirt and stains more readily. To prevent discoloration, this might be time-consuming and call for specific cleaning agents.
  • Style and Fashion: White shoes are timeless and basic choices. They can go nicely with many outfits.
  • Clothing: They are the most versatile option that go with a range of outfits. From vibrant and daring to neutral and understated. 
  • Popularity: White running shoes are still a well-liked option and are seen on the track. However, depending on the changing fashion trends, they could not be as popular as others. 

So if you’re prepared to make an extra effort to keep them well maintained, white might be a hard choice. However, they are adaptable, ageless, and classic.

Why are running shoes so colorful?

What Color Running Shoes Should I Get, What to avoid

Shoe manufacturers are placing a lot of attention on producing vibrant shoes. They look for eye-catching shoes that stand out from the competition.

Running shoes are so colorful because they allow you to express your personality and sense of style, among other things. 

For instance, vibrant hues like neon green or orange can give you more energy. Whilst cooler tones like blue or green can make you feel more at ease.

The idea behind colorful running shoes is to improve both appearance and functionality. Running shoe manufacturers seek to offer shoes that not only look attractive but also enhance their performance. So the next time you’re looking for running shoes, don’t be afraid. Pick a pair that expresses your individuality, uplifts your spirits, and gives you more energy.

Choosing a shoe color according to personal style

A creative and enjoyable method to express yourself is by picking the appropriate shoe color for your unique style. The following advice will help you pick the ideal shoe color to complement your own style:

  • Choose your individual style: It can be easier to select a shoe color that meets your preferences. It’s possible only if you are aware of your unique style.
  • Choosing shoes that match your passions: Buy a shoe with a similar color scheme. It can enhance your own style if you favor neutral tones.
  • Bold and colorful colors make a statement: These colors will help you stand out from the crowd. Also, enhance your mood and energy levels.

What shoe color is the most popular?

Have you ever wondered which color of running shoe is most popular? Well, current research indicates that the answer is… drum roll please… black!

Yes, black, followed by white and blue, is the most preferred color for running shoes. It appears that many runners favour neutral hues that go well with both their workout attire and casual attire.

Research and consumer purchasing trends indicate that the most popular colors for running shoes are black and white. Many runners favour these traditional hues since they are adaptable and go well with a variety of workout attire.

Running in the park

What shoe color is more attractive?

Which shoe color you find more attractive actually depends on your particular taste. Bright color, such as red, orange, and yellow, however, have been proven to make a person appear more approachable and beautiful. This is so because these colors represent enthusiasm, vigour, and self-assurance. 

Thus, if you want to make a nice first impression when running, think about adding some color to your shoes. But, keep in mind that when selecting, individual taste and comfort should always come first.


The color of your running shoes can significantly affect not only how you feel about yourself but also how other people view you. When selecting a color, take into account your own sense of style. Also, look for factors like visibility when jogging in low light. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colorful and vibrant colors. It can give a pop of individuality to your running apparel. Even if black and white continue to be the most popular colors for running shoes.

Choosing a shoe that feels comfortable and supports your feet and body while you run is ultimately the most ideal consideration.

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