Do Hokas Run Big Or Small? Are Hokas True to Size?

The most annoying thing about the many shoe brands is the varied measurements for the same shoe size. So often we find a size eight varies from brand-to-brand. Just as well there is the true to size measurement to save the day.  Many brands are even embracing the true to size model like Hokas. But is it true? Are Hokas true to size? Yes, Hoka shoes are generally true to size, they fit snugly to your feet, but there are some exceptions to this rule.

Hoka sneakers are famed for their comfort and style. But, many prospective buyers are worried about sizing claims so they may be scared off. I take it the reason you’re here is you’re one of these people. You have a lot of questions about these worries and whether Hokas are true to size. So, are they? 

Weighing in my knowledge I can assure you that most Hoka sneakers are true to size. Although don’t expect all of them to stick to this law as some of them do their own thing. So, if you are looking at buying that perfect Hoka shoe most will be true to size so you need not overthink it too much. 

If I’ve grabbed you, come on this journey with me as I unveil the world of Hoka. We will look at Hoka’s true-to-size sizing and what it feels like to run in these beauties. This examination will also offer some handy tips for those that already own a Hoka pair.

You will be surprised just how great these shoes are for running and how easy they make footwear. So, be sure to read until the end to get the whole package we have on offer. 

Understanding Hoka Sizing

Hoka sizing is dead simple, but it’s worth breaking it down so you can understand the concept of true to size. By getting this knowledge you can then see how it applies to Hoka shoes. So, allons-y! 

So, a basic definition of true to size is it is based on the length and width of a foot and not on a pre-determined size. Your foot size can be found by measuring the length of your foot in inches from the heel to the tip of your big toe. If you lack a means to measure your foot many shoe stores will have the tools to make this an easy affair. 

The benefit of this is foot variety and size. So, rather than just having a set size that has no real-world connections, shoppers instead can select a shoe based on their feet measurements and not feel stuck to a single size.

Hoka shoe sizes are true to size, so sizes are in inches as opposed to ‘size one’ or ‘size two’ found in other shoe brands. However, there are some handy charts you can find that match brand shoe sizes. So, if you have comfy ADIDAS shoes in a size seven mens, measure your foot and see if Hoka has a corresponding size.

Want some handy tips to make selecting shoe sizing easier with Hoka? Be aware that some of their shoes are often narrower in the middle and longer as the sizes increase. So, if you have short thick feet you may find that your ideal length may be too narrow to hold your feet so you may need a size up. Luckily they also have slightly wider shoes to account for this difference as well. 

Hoka Size Chart

hoka size chart

Hoka has a handy size chart on its website with sizing information. So, for those that are scratching their heads about what size to buy, it helps a ton. 

For starters, it allows you to select from male, female, and all-gender shoe sizes. Then within those categories regular and extra wide sizing. 

Once you have this range you can look at the top of the chart where the Hoka true-to-size sizing is represented in inches and mm based on foot length and width. 

This is placed against other shoe sizing types like US and UK sizing to make it easy for buyers to see how their shoe sizes fit with standard shoe sizing. This tool makes it a breeze to buy shoes online. 

Do Hokas Run Narrow?

Many shoe shoppers are concerned with Hoka’s run narrow shoes. But why? We have two sides of the coin here. There are those that want firm shoes to match their narrow feet, and then some who want wider shoes for wide toes.

Hoka run on the snug side of true to size, so for those with thicker feet (like me), they may feel too narrow. This is because, in the shoe design, most of the Hoka styles are run narrow shapes. But what does that mean? It means that these regular styles have narrower bodies than other shoes.

For the narrow-foot, Hokas offers a broader range of run narrow shoes to get your mind working with what to buy. 

  • You could check out Clifton 9. A weight-reducing running shoe that boasts a narrow frame with comfortable lightweight materials. They have extra cushioning to reduce impact with the latest in shoe-enhancing technology.
  • Another great option is the Hoka Bondi 7. A narrow variant of shoes that is perfect for those that need extra narrow running shoes. It is a smooth well-balanced shoe for all kinds of activities with great support.
  • The Mach 5 is a brilliant option for narrow footed runners. It offers wide padding with a comfortable narrow hold and is perfect for running. Also, with the durability to take you far while also being light so it will be fast too.
  • The Rincon 3 is the perfect narrow friend. For those that want a shoe that has a narrow fit for training at both easy and fast tempos, these shoes can take a hit.  They will even support your feet well with their cushioning.

Does Hoka Run Big?

hoka shoes

So, based on the established rule from the previous part, you may have gathered that to ‘run big’ means the opposite. Now we will discuss if Hoka shoes run big. If so, we will then suggest why and offer tips on how to access the fit of these shoes to avoid issues.

Many shoppers find that Hokas are much larger than expected. So, they often ask if they need to get an extra size down to ensure the shoes will fit better. One reason for this is they don’t realize that Hoka shoes come in two size variations. These are ‘wide’ and ‘regular’ to account for foot variations. Another is that if shoes are too big they can cause blisters and uncomfortable running. 

So, does Hoka run big? Yes, they do! Hokas fall into the range of snug versus too big, however, this isn’t true if you are talking about the wide variants. Some shoes will also be naturally bigger than most of Hokas narrower-fitted ones. 

How do you avoid such issues with finding your Hoka shoes too big? Just think about how Hokas shoes are sized, the shoe design, cushioning, and what your shoe size is in inches or mms.

Hoka’s website has a page for every one of their shoe types, so if you have a pair you are interested in check it out. See what sizes they offer and look at how the shoe is made. For example, whether it has a thick or thin heel or a narrow toe-box or a wide one. 

Be sure to always check that you are not looking at the wide variant of a shoe! This is perhaps the biggest faux pas that a buyer can make if they don’t realize that Hoka has wide variants. The regular shoes will be narrower and unlikely to feel as so spacious as your correct shoe size. 

What Size Should I Get in Hoka Running Shoes? Hoka Fitting Guide

So, what size Hoka running shoe should you get? It depends on the length and width of your feet. Because Hoka running shoes fit true to size their sizing relates to the length and width of the foot they fit. So, if you want a snug fit pick the shoe that best fits your exact measurement. Also, if you have wide feet they have wide variants of each regular shoe size to account for people like me. 

You can see all their shoe sizes on their website in the sizing chart. There you can compare their sizes with other brands if you want to see the full extent of these options. However, I recommend not picking a shoe size just because it sits on the same column as your usual shoe size. 

Some people suggest getting a shoe size up or a shoe size down from the regular sizing. I would advise against this by in large. If you need more movement get the wider variant of your exact shoe size. Why so? Picking a shoe size that is too big or small will make your feet sore. While also not giving you the correct support and comfort. 

Do Hokas Stretch?

Yes! Hokas do stretch. Many of Hoka’s styles also have thin stretchy material. So, if are worried about the flexibility of your feet and toes, don’t be! Hoka shoes are made from stretchy lightweight materials like EVA foam, polyurethane, and rubber.

hoka running shoes

Should You Get a Size Up in Hoka?

Most Hokas are true to size, so their measurements are made to fit the exact length and width of their wearers. However, like anything nothing is perfect. So, some shoppers may need to go a size up or a size down to ensure that they find the right fit. Also, naturally, Nokas shoe styles vary. So, it’s good to think about if you need a wide or narrow variant instead of changing the size. 

Are you still unsure? Perhaps having flashbacks from past head headaches buying shoes online… It may be best to head in-store and feel the different sizing for yourself. You just can’t beat that first-hand experience sometimes. Plus the handy help of an outfitter to push you in the right direction.

Can I use Orthotics With Hoka Shoes?

Yes, yes, and yes! Orthotics work great with Hoka shoes. So, no wonder doctors recommend them for people with podiatry issues. What makes Hoka shoes so great for orthotics as they offer great support for walkers and runners. This comes from the extra padding and a variety of sizes that keep the feet nice and snug. 

Orthotics come in many shapes and sizes. So, sometimes it can be a real nightmare trying to get them to fit just right in a narrow shoe. Now Hoka shoes are known for their narrow regular variants, but they also have wide options. These give the wearer that extra space to fit their orthotic feet support.

One of the best Hoka shoe types that is great for orthotics is the Clifton 8. A hardy running shoe that is great for daily wear as well as going for runs. It offers support and comfort with a sole that will keep the orthotic well in place. 

How Does Hoka Fit Compare to Nike?

nike shoes

I’ve pointed out how Hoka is true to size by large and run narrow. So, they have a much longer and narrower fit to fit closer to the wearer’s exact foot size. Hoka also has two variants of the same sizing to account for foot variance. This means they have regular narrow shoes and wider ones.

So, how does this band compare to other footwear brands like Nike? Nike uses standard sizing conventions and runs small. Meaning they use US or UK sizing and have smaller fits than Hoka. This fact is seen in the narrow toe-boxes of some of their styles, and in recent years have made steps to make them wider.

Should I Consider Half-Size Adjustments with Hoka Shoes?

If you find that you can’t find the perfect fit between Hoka sizes then it may be a good idea to get a half-size adjustment to find that perfect fit between them. For instance, you may find the regular variant too big, but the proceeding size too small.

How can you get a half-size adjustment to a pair of Hoka shoes? Have a chat with your shoe supplier and see what they can do to help you find that perfect shoe size. Keeping in mind an alternative is also to pick the wide or narrow size variant. Then you can see if that solves the problem first. Before you start fiddling around with half-size adjustments.

Do Hoka Shoes Require a Break-In Period?

Hoka shoes will require a break-in period most certainly. They have a break-in period of about two to three weeks before they will reach the height of comfort. One thing that can help with this wearing-in period is time, patience, extra thick shocks, and faith.

So, don’t be worried when you go for your first run in the Hoka shoes seem too stiff and unforgiving. Most shoes take time before they are the hoes of your dreams. However, don’t fear if you have worn a Hoka for a while and still feel it’s too tight. You should consider getting a wide variant for a half size up for future purchases.

Are Hoka Shoes Suitable for Trail Running or Only For Road Running?

Hoka shoes are great not just for general everyday wear but also for trail and on-the-road running. Pretty much wherever you want to take your handy shoes, Hoka will be able to take you and protect your feet well. However, it should be noted that some styles are better than others. Some shoes are designed explicitly for certain running tracks.

Bondi is a popular Noka shoe that is made specifically for trail running. Their light foam heels make running on tough terrain a breeze without dragging you down.

Rocket X 2 is a great Hoka shoe that gets you closer to the ground and is great for road running. It is soft, light, with a smooth heel to make running a marathon a breeze with your feet well protected. 

How do I Clean and Maintain My Hoka Shoes?

Hoka shoes are very easy to clean and take care of.  Just make sure that you hand wash them to ensure you take good care of their varied materials. You can do it with warm water mixed with soup and then leave it to dry naturally in the sun. By taking care of your shoes the right way you will ensure they last longer. 

If you want to ensure aren’t ruined by improper cleaning practices, we can offer some tips for the shoes.

  • Cleaning shoe laces: remove the lances from the shoe and wash separately in warm water with soap. 
  • Cleaning the foam heels: Using soup with warm water and a light brush will be sufficient to clean the shoe heels. Once clean leave to dry.
  • Cleaning the shoe body: Brush carefully to get off the gunk with warm water and soap and then leave to dry.
  • Cleaning the inside of the shoe: Carefully clean the inside with warm water and soap them dab out moisture and leave to dry. Check all is bone dry before you wear or dab damp spots and dry again.


We addressed the question ‘Is Hoka true to size’. What we showed was that is indeed correct. We also discovered why they are favorites for many runners.

Hopefully, this was a handy guide to help find that perfect shoe size for you! I encourage you to consider your preferences and foot anatomy when picking a shoe. I also recommend that you TRY ON shoes in person if you are still unsure and get expert advice.

Thanks for stopping by friend and until the next time.

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