Hoka Bondi SR vs Hoka Bondi 7: 6 key Differences

You have already heard great things about the Hoka shoe brand and want to buy a pair but can’t decide. Well, you are not alone in this situation. Many runners often find it impossible to choose their perfect Hoka. And this is more so when the choice is between two pretty similar models like Bondi SR and Bondi 7

Both are neutral running shoes with plush cushioning. They are, hence, meant for almost the same group of runners. Bondi SR, however, has a sleeker look and low profile, while the cushioning on Bondi 7 feels much better.

I have been a runner for over a decade and always look for the best shoes. I have used several Hoka shoes over the years, including these two. You can be sure I know how hard it is to choose between them. 

In this article, I will compare their key features and experience. I will use my firsthand experience and other runners’ input. In the end, it should be easy for you to determine which model best suits your individual needs. So make sure to stick with me to the end.

Bondi SR Shoes overview

Hoka Bondi SR is one of the sleekest Hoka shoes. This stylish shoe also comes in some energetic color schemes. It is a perfect choice for runners who want both comfort and style. 

This shoe also has a low-profile design. It is designed for more neutral runners looking for a responsive ride.

Bondi SR

Key Features

  • Weight: Hoka SR men’s shoe weighs 14 oz, while the women’s version weighs 11.5 oz.
  • Heel drop: Both the men’s and women’s versions have a 6mm drop.
  • Cushioning: Hoka SRs have a plush cushioned EVA midsole.

The lightweight build and low profile of Hoka SR will give runners a springy, energetic ride. The low profile also works with the wide base to promote natural foot positioning. They also make the shoe more responsive for increased speed.

Hoka SR’s springy EVA midsole propels you forward with each stride. The early-stage MetaRocker technology smooths out your transitions. Plus, the flexible mesh upper hugs the foot like a second skin. It is easy to forget you are wearing a shoe.

From my experience with this shoe, I can also tell you it is perfect for walking. The low profile and cushioning will reduce fatigue and discomfort. 

Bondi 7 Shoes Overview

While all Hoka’s are known for their excellent cushioning, the Bondi 7 takes things a notch higher. Its plush maximal cushioning makes it stand out compared to most running shoes. It guarantees you get a plush pillow ride. The Bondi 7 makes you feel like you are running on marshmallows. You hardly ever feel the hardness of the ground beneath you.

Still, there is more to the Bondi 7 than just plush cushioning. Here is a quick rundown of its other specs.

HOKA Bondi 7

Key Specs

  • Weight: The men’s version weighs 10.7 ounces, while the women’s version weighs 8.9 oz.
  • Drop: Both men’s and women’s versions have 4mm drop, perfect for midfoot strikers.
  • Curved Frame: The signature curved design helps provide stability. It will be very effective at controlling overpronation.
  • Guidance Rails: The guidance rails run around the midsole. They will guide your foot to ensure you maintain a more natural gait cycle.

I have clocked over 200 miles on the Bondi 7. The shoe is perfect for long runs as you never have to worry about fatigue. For overpronators, it will give you one of the most comfortable runs. Plus, it will be ideal for recovery runs. It cuddles your feet nicely and provides a more forgiving impact and ride.

I also love the versatility of the shoe. It can work for almost anyone. Whether you are an upcoming runner or a seasoned one preparing for a marathon, it is perfect.

Bondi SR vs Bondi 7: 6 Key Features

Here is a more detailed side-by-side comparison of these two amazing Hoka shoes.

Comparison Table Summary

FeatureBondi SRBondi 7
WeightHeavier Lighter
CushioningPlushPlush (feels “plusher”)
StabilityNeutralNeutral (feels more stable)
OutsoleFull ground contact rubber outsoleRubber outsole with lugs in high-wear areas
BreathabilityFairly breathableHighly breathable
PricePricierA little cheaper

1. Weight

The actual weight depends on your shoe number. Still, Bondi SR is generally heavier than Bondi 7. Bondi SR men’s number 9 weighs 14 oz while Bondi 7 men’s number 9 weighs 10.7 oz. The weight difference is also the same for the women’s versions. Bondi SR women’s number 7 weighs 11.5 oz while Bondi 7’s weighs 8.9 oz.

While both shoes are super comfortable, the weight difference will affect speed. For instance, it will be easier to achieve higher speeds with a lighter shoe like Bondi 7. Also, the extra weight of the Bondi SR can increase foot fatigue. Their weight has a limited effect on comfort since both shoes have plush cushioning.

2. Cushioning

Both Bondi SR and Bondi 7 are in Hoka’s plush cushioning category. This category includes shoes with a higher bed of soft cushioning. Hoka has two other categories of cushioning, which are balanced and responsive.

While both have plush cushioning, the feel is slightly different. Bondi SR’s cushioning feels lighter. This lighter cushioning is meant to enhance responsiveness. These shoes will hence provide a better response for speed runners.

Bondi 7s have maximal cushioning. The cushioning will enhance shock absorption. It will also provide more support and stability for overpronators. Runners with other foot problems like plantar fasciitis will also love this shoe.

3. Stability

Like cushioning, both shoes are in Hoka’s neutral stability category. This category includes shoes with a symmetrical bed. They provide adequate stability but nothing more. Hoka also makes shoes in the Stable and Moderate stability categories.

Given the extra cushioning and stability features on the Bondi 7, it will be more stable. Features like guidance rails make it a more stable shoe for overpronators. Bondi 7 will be more effective at preventing the foot’s inward roll.

Bondi SRs have little to offer when it comes to stability. These neutral shoes are, hence, just perfect for runners with normal arches.

4. Outsole

Hoka has invested greatly in ensuring their shoes give runners the best traction. From my experience, you never have to worry about traction with Bondi SR or 7. The shoes hold the ground firmly regardless of the surface.

The Bondi SR has a full ground contact rubber outsole. The ultra-grippy outsole with an excellent treading pattern provides traction on any surface. This slip-resistant outsole will give you the confidence to run anywhere.

Bondi 7 also has a heavy-duty rubber outsole. The sole also includes lugs in the high-wear areas to minimize wear. Overall, the sole on the Bondi 7 is both durable and lightweight.

5. Breathability

Hoka shoes are always made with breathability in mind. Bondi SR and 7 are both more breathable than most other running shoes. Still, they use different materials for the uppers, which affects the breathability levels.

Bondi SR features a water-resistant leather upper. There are also some mesh panels on the upper sections. While it is still reasonably breathable, Bondi 7 is better. Bondi 7s have an open mesh upper construction. These shoes are, hence, more breathable.

Runners that will be running for long distances should go for Bondi 7. The extra breathability makes the shoes more comfortable. Your feet will remain cool and dry. Besides improving your performance, this reduces the risk of blisters. It can also help prevent other foot problems.

6. Price

The price will largely depend on where you are buying. For instance, Bondi SR and Bondi 7 retail for over $200 on Amazon. The price can go as high as $300, depending on the size and color scheme.

Both are premium shoe models that will be more expensive. However, if you compare the official prices from the Hoka One One website, Bondi SR is more expensive. At the time of writing this article, the Bondi SR was retailing for around $175. Bondi 7’s price was under $170.

What I can assure you is that both are worth the price. You can be sure of getting excellent performance and comfortable runs. Plus, both provide a long service life.

hoka rincon

What is Bondi SR good for?

Overall, Bondi SR is a comfortable shoe that will be perfect for your daily runs. Still, it works better in some specific situations, including:

  • Runners looking for something more responsive for speed runs
  • Everyday wear as it is a sleek and more stylish running shoes.
  • Running in wet conditions. It has a water-resistant upper section and aggressive outsole.
  • Runners with normal arches as it does not offer much support.

Can you run in the Hoka Bondi SR?

Yes, Hoka Bondi SR is built for running. Still, like any other Hoka shoe, it will not be the perfect running shoe for everyone. Also, it will be ideal for certain running situations than others. For instance, the shoes work better for runners with more neutral arches. And this is because it offers little support.

Hoka Bondi SR is perfect for daily workouts and speed runs, thanks to its responsiveness. Plus, it is unbeatable for running in wet conditions. The water-resistant uppers and aggressive outsole are made for such situations.

Are Hoka Bondi SR good for walking and running?

You can use your pair of Bondi SR for walking and running. I have used mine several times for both with no problem. I would, however, advise that you choose something for either. For instance, you need more cushioning to run long distances. In such cases, the Bondi 7 is ideal thanks to its extra-plush cushioning.

Bondi SR might also not be the best for walking. The leather uppers mean it will not be very breathable. The shoes can hence get uncomfortable when walking for a long distance. They will not keep the feet as cool and dry as you want.

What is the lifespan of the Bondi shoes in miles? When should I replace them?

On average, Hoka running shoes will last anywhere from 300 to 500 miles. That is, however, not cast in stone. For some people, they will last for as little as 200 miles. Other runners like me have used the Bondi SR for an impressive 700 miles.

How often you replace your running shoes depends on how much you run. For instance, if you clock in 20 miles weekly, you should replace the shoes every 4 to 6 months. Less frequent runners can hence use the same pair of shoes for years.

Here are a few ways to tell when it is time to replace your Bondi running shoes:

  • You notice uneven wear patterns.
  • There is noticeable wear, splitting, or fraying.
  • Your outsole treads start balding.
  • Shoe overall performance reduces.
  • Increased foot fatigue after runs.


You can’t go wrong with Bondi SR or Bondi 7. Both are amazing shoes with plush cushioning and neutral stability. They are super comfortable and supportive that any runner will enjoy running.

The Bondi SR is a more responsive shoe perfect for speed runs. Bondi 7 is a plush-cushioned shoe. It will work best for long runs and overpronators.

With that in mind, you need to choose your running shoes carefully. It is essential to make sure the shoes fit correctly. This will help prevent injury and improve your running performance.

And that marks the end of our article. Please share your experiences with Bondi SR and Bondi 7 in the comments. I will also be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

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